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The Massachusetts Health Care System - 2396 Words

This paper focuses on analyzing the Massachusetts health care system. Specifically it addresses how the 2006 health care reform law sought to provide health insurance coverage for the uninsured, underinsured, children, young adults, and low income residents. In addition it diminished the demand side rationing that was occurring in Massachusetts. Its desire was for universal coverage, and would be both reasonably priced and of intrinsic value. The law addressed the need to decrease barriers to health care, such as racial disparities, and overall health care costs while increasing access to provider, and utilization of services. It was to focus on quality care. This paper will exam how the Massachusetts health reform addressed these†¦show more content†¦In the early 1980’s there was increased observation by emergency room physicians that patients were being transferred or dumped from private hospitals to public hospitals based on their inability to pay. Concern for the care of the patient was one of the mitigating factors for our nation’s development of Emergency medical treatment and labor act (EMTALA) . Enacted by Congress in 1986, EMTALA was government’s way of ensuring basic screening, stabilization and care for all patients. Non participation with EMTALA was not an option, since the law tied government payments to the institutions. Simply put, if you want Medicare/ Medicaid payments you will abide by this law. EMTALA would not have been needed since there were already safeguards for indigent patients, but they were not followed, rather seen as guidelines. With the backing of EMTALA, patients had better care assurances, and guarantee of non-dismissal. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals stated that â€Å"individuals shall be accorded impartial access to treatment or accommodations that are available or medically indicated, regardless of race, creed, sex, nationality, or sources of payment for care† It has been strongly inferred that based on the implementation of emtala, increased numbers of uninsured were using the emergency rooms as their primary source of care. The thought was those without insurance, did not seek preventative care through a primary care doctor,

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Conflict And Resolution Within A Work Group Essay

Effective communications is defined as the successful exchange of information between individuals. An effective communicator is successful in establishing an active two-way link with another individual or group. When people work in groups, there are two quite separate issues involved. The first is the task and the problems involved in getting the job done. The second is the process of the group work itself: the mechanisms by which the group acts as a unit. Without due attention to this process the value of the group can be diminished or even destroyed; yet with a little explicit management of the process, it can enhance the worth of the group to be many times the sum of the worth of its individuals. It is this synergy which makes group†¦show more content†¦Limited resources within a company could cause conflict between departments. Each department needs a certain amount of money to function properly. For example: the nursing budget is higher than the housekeeping budget because the hospital needs more nurses to take care of the patients. The administration departments budget is high because most of the administrators (COO, CEO, CFO) and directors have increased salaries. Therefore conflicts could arise when the nursing department needs more money for staffing and the administrators want a 5% increase in pay but there is only a certain amount of profit at the end of the quarter. Another conflict within an organization could be differences in personal and /or professional goals and objectives. If there is a committee having a meeting about a fund raising project and there are different ideas of how to raise the money, conflicts can arise. Or if there is a team working together on building an extra wing to the hospital and the Chief operating officer does not show up to meet the contractors, this will cause conflict between the building committee, the contractors and the finance department. If all of the members in the committee are not doing their part in the group, this will cause conflict. It could also effect theShow MoreRelatedConflict Resolution at the Workplace1597 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Workplace Conflict Resolution If you search the word conflict in the dictionary, you are likely to find plenty of negative connotations. Many explain conflict as: coming to collision or a disagreement; clash; contention; controversy; fighting or quarreling, states Random House (1975). As these definitions are negative in nature, most people tend to withdraw when they enter an arena with conflict. Business Environment Conflict If you can recognize and understand exactly what creates conflict withinRead MoreTeam Dynamics and Conflict Resolution Strategies1089 Words   |  5 PagesTeam Dynamics and Conflict Resolution Strategies University of Phoenix â€Æ' Success in many areas of our lives, be it family, education, business, or leisure, is dependent on successful teamwork. Teams are â€Å"a number of persons associated together in work or activity†¦a group on one side†(Merriam-Webster, 2008). There are many types of teams, work teams, school teams, sports teams, families etc. â€Å"The fact remains that teams, because they are made up of imperfect human beings, are inherently dysfunctional†(Read MoreConflict Resolution Strategies1530 Words   |  7 PagesRunning header: CONFLICT RESOLUTION STRATEGIES Conflict Resolution Strategies Wendy L. Decker University of Phoenix Conflict Resolution Strategies In this writing, we will explore and explain strategies of conflict resolution and, encourage teams, individuals and society as a whole to use some of these ideas for their own resolution purposes. â€Å"In many cases, effective conflict resolution skills can make the difference between positive and negativeRead MoreBUS610 Week 3 Assignment Essay1695 Words   |  7 Pages Conflict Identification and Resolution Mia A. Rapier BUS 610: Organizational Behavior Dr. Anthony Trotta September 28, 2014 Conflict is part of our human disposition; consequently, it is customary within organizations. â€Å"Left unanalyzed and unchecked, it can be a destructive force that consumes time, money and human resources. Learning the various ways that people resolve conflict and expanding their conflict resolution styles can lead to better results† (Sadri, 2012). Within organizationsRead MoreConflict and Power: Assessing Power Imbalances Essay1589 Words   |  7 Pagestoday’s organizations conflict and power are important elements to the success of any company but can also create negative long term impacts if not addressed. Organizations require enough power within the leaders to get through conflict and enough conflict within individuals to create new innovations. Not all conflict is bad but when there is conflict individuals with power must assist in aligning conflict resolution to assist in understanding for everyone involved in the conflict. The need for successfulRead MoreC onflict Is A Multidimensional Concept With Both Detrimental And Beneficial Effects964 Words   |  4 PagesConflict Conflict can be explained as a multidimensional concept with both detrimental and beneficial effects. Most explanation settles on conflict as a process involving two or more individuals, where a person perceives the opposition of the other. The nursing occupation is one that is centered on collaborative relations with both coworkers and patients. The situation requires individuals to work closely with others with varying backgrounds or cultures. Individuals can embrace diverse values, hypotheticallyRead MoreReasons For The Customer Service Complaints1455 Words   |  6 Pagesis used when there is an issue with staff behavior, performance and personal issues in the workplace. Mentoring Share information, experiences and give and receive advices and guidance. It is to create a positive influence on staffs’ professional work resulting from the relationship On or off-the-job training and development They are very flexible training methods to allow staffs to develop their knowledge and experience in the workplace and after business hours. An email to the external trainingRead MoreDiversity and Avoiding Conflicts1628 Words   |  7 Pagescommonplace for organizations today to work in teams. Whether they be leader-driven teams or self-directed teams; the hope is that productivity, creativity, and results will be greater in a team environment. While this is a proven approach, any time you bring together people from differing backgrounds and experiences, it is inevitable that conflict will occur. Many people and organizations view conflict as a negative, or something to be avoided. Yet conflict, differences, or disagreements areRead MoreThe Story Behind a Teams Success738 Words   |  3 PagesOur group performed well, and I am proud of the contribution that I made to the teams success. We began with the idea that teamwork and compromise was going to be the way that the group should run. We recognized that, inherently, there is likely to be some level of conflict within the group, especially given that there are competing ideas. We also agreed, however, that while conflict can be positive, it can also be destructive and we felt that if we were oriented towards working as a team and pushingRead MoreConflict Between The Conflict And Supporting Evidence1376 Words   |  6 Pagesyou ever been a part of a conflict? Perhaps the conflict existed in your home because you want your children to do chores, but your spouse disagrees, or perhaps you have had a conflict in th e workplace where a co-worker, no matter what you said was always in disagreement with you. Whether at home or work, it is best to resolve conflict as both instances, the conflict could create an uneasy situation at home or in the workplace and could result in people being hurt, work not be accomplished or even

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Lab Report Analysis Free Essays

Memorandum TO: Emma Mackenzie, Writing Instructor; Montana Tech FROM: Sarah Hambidge, Montana Tech Student DATE: 6 November 2012 SUBJECT: Lab Report Analysis This memo proposes the observations and claims I collected from reviewing three different lab reports. Three fields of study are composed within this memo that includes Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering. â€Å"Electrical Filters,† (Electrical), written by Joe Schmoe, is a lab report made by a student at a university. We will write a custom essay sample on Lab Report Analysis or any similar topic only for you Order Now The College Board produced an environmental lab report named, â€Å"Monitoring Air Quality,† (Air), for the purpose of student education as a lab template. Monitoring Air Quality was written by Dr. Angela C. Morrow who graduated from the University of Northern Colorado. Within the Energy Engineering field, I found, â€Å"NETL Extreme Drilling Lab Studies high temperature drilling Phenomena. † (NETL). This lab was created by the U. S. Department of Energy and was found in the work of the U. S. Government. This lab report was written by K. David Lyons, Simone Honeygan, and Thomas Mroz. All three lab reports’ features have been compared and contrasted using analytical techniques in this memo. Observation of Whole Document All three documents are close in terms of length of paper. They are in the range between 6 and 9 pages long. The NETL Drilling High Pressure High Temperature Drilling Phenomena and Electrical Filters lab reports have 4 or 5 figures to represent the purpose of the lab report. The Air Quality lab only has one figure, a picture of a tree. College Board’s Monitoring Air Quality figures were labeled underneath the pictures in regular font. The petroleum lab report used bold lettering underneath the figures. The electrical report’s figures were labeled with italics underneath the picture as well. * Paragraph styles All three labs differ strongly when it comes to the style of how the paragraphs were written. Drilling lab reports within Petroleum Engineering are most elaborate and long. The petroleum lab report has 3 paragraphs in the Abstract section while the other two reports have one short paragraph. The Petroleum lab includes specific numerical details such as different depths, fluid pressures, and temperatures. The other reports did not include quantities inside the opening paragraph that is why Drilling labs are more elaborate and precise when it comes to representing information. As a reader is reading the NETL Drilling Lab, they could be more confused than reading the other two labs. The quantities are not explained how they are derived very well, so this could result in a comprehension problem for a basic reader. I think this would make a reader with basic comprehension levels frustrated. * Headings According to the example lab report(Doyoyo,2002), paragraph titles should follow this format in order of title page, Abstract, Experimental Procedure, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Appendices, and References. The lab report composed by the College Board follows this format most concisely. The College Boards paragraphs are titled Abstract, Objectives, Introduction, Materials, Procedure, Data/Observations, Analysis, and Additional Resources. The procedure in this report is quite long because it has 3 sub headings within it that precede three different subjects. The analysis goes quite in depth as well and has 2 different parts in it. The electrical lab report follows a similar paragraph order; Objective, Background, Experiment, Results, Conclusion, and References. The background paragraph is 2 pages long; this is longer than any of the other documents. I believe in order to completely comprehend this document, you would have to know a great deal of background and have expierence in this field. The petroleum drilling lab report also follows a different format; Abstract, Introduction, Acknowledgments, and References. TheNETL Drilling lab stands out from the rest of the labs too because between the introduction and acknowledgments, there are 4 paragraphs that explain descriptions, efforts, and future plans. This lab is farthest from following the standard lab report format. The NETL Drilling Lab was written by the government so they may follow a stricter lab format than they teach in schools. They might make up their own order of headings and paragraphs because they are on top of the chain. Font choice The NETL lab Report uses ten point font in Times New Roman. The Electrical Engineering lab Report uses Times New Roman as well but its double spaced and typed in twelve point font. The environmental lab uses Calibri with twelve point font and multiple spaces between every paragraph. The NETL lab is the most professional looking lab because it looks formal and fits more informat ion within a page than the other labs. A reader could get the most information out of the NETL lab because it is constructed elaborately but also concisely. Overall tone The NETL lab has by far, most formal tone of voice. The lab created by the College Board is built for mainly educational purposes; therefore it uses a smaller vocabulary for easier understanding. The Electrical lab report was made by students so it’s not that complex. The NETL lab is professional because it is a work of the government. This lab uses many big words, acronyms, references within text, and many numerical conversions. The lab written by students has the least informal tone, most likely because they are least educated. Reading the Electrical Filters Lab could leave a reader lost in some places, and readers may want to read a different lab on Electrical Filters written by a doctor or someone with a professional degree. * Repetition The College Board lab report uses repititon the most because it was created by doctors and doctors are very precise with representing information. It often repeats, â€Å"Please see AP’s licensing for AP Questions and Materials. † It also repeats, â€Å"Clean Air Act,† â€Å"NAAQS,† â€Å"gypsum,† and â€Å"air quality laws. † Within the procedure the paragraphs are repetitive as well. The Electrical lab is the least repetitive but it did repeat input and output signal values. The petroleum lab repeats drilling terms and the process of deep drilling. I think the repetition in all of the labs was necessary because a basic reader would need to be reminded of the information to smoothly flow through reading the documents. Sections The sections within the 3 lab reports differ in body. Some are more like Markel’s sample(Markel,2010) than others. * Abstract The petroleum lab and environmental reflect the major focus of the lab well. The abstract concisely communicates the purpose of the lab, the approach, the results, and the significances of the findings. The electrical lab doesn’t have an abstract but sometimes instructors do not require an abstract section. The environmental lab does a better job at writing the abstract because it’s shorter and more direct to the point, therefore easier to understand. * Introduction The petroleum lab does the worst at the introduction. Markel (Markel, 2010, ch10), says the purpose of the lab is clearly stated. The petroleum lab is sort of confusing. It says,† The purpose of this paper and industry projects [1-5] deep wells are defined as wells drilled for oil and gas having true vertical depth (TVD) greater than 15,000 feet (4572 meters. )† The electrical report is more to the point, for example, â€Å"The objective of this lab is to build and test a first order, low-pass filter with resistors and capacitors. † The Environmental lab’s purpose statement is, â€Å"At the end of this lab, you will be able to describe and discuss several air pollutants and methods for detecting them. The environmental lab is a lab template so it is written in a future tense format rather than past tense like the other labs. Conclusion In reading this memo, I hope you understand my findings an key points about the three lab reports I analyzed. Electrical Filters, by Joe Schomoe, was poorly written compared to the other lab reports. It did properly use its figures and the abstract section was written correctly. This document was hard to read because the background was very long and in depth. This document also was least appealing to the eye because the lack of professionalism. College Board’s Monitoring Air Quality overall did well as serving the major purpose as a lab template for students. However this lab needs more figures and pictures because it only has one figure. The College Board also followed Markel’s lab format the closest. The repetition used by this lab made the whole document flow more as reading. The NETL Extreme Drilling Laboratory Studies High Pressure High Temperature Drilling Phenomena, is the most professional and formal written document compared to the other two labs. It did not follow the normal lab report format, but it contained many helpful figures and tables. This lab can be confusing because it is so complex, but most information and data can be obtained from reading this lab report. References * Doyoyo, September 19, 2002, 13. 014J/1. 052J â€Å"Helpful instructions on how to write a mechanics lab report. † * Markel, 2010 Chapters 6,7,9,10,18, Appendix B related to APA documentation * Unit 3 Topics Checklist * (Electrical) How to cite Lab Report Analysis, Essay examples

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Why Organic Traffic Beats Social and Paid

by Chris Reid The SEO cat and mouse game only intensifies further with Google pushing out over 500 algorithmic updates each year. The SEO guidelines of unique content, engaging articles, and good user experience are old school, and aren’t enough to rank sites now. It is quite common these days that most search engine optimizers give up trying to rank their sites and resort to paid traffic and social media to drive in visitors. But is this traffic as effective as organic traffic? What the Charts Say While paid traffic sources like Google AdWords and traffic from social media often offer perks such as the ability to quickly set up ad campaigns, and traffic without the hassles of SEO, they aren’t as effective as organic traffic. Statistics reveal that about 51% of all traffic to business websites comes from organic search, whereas paid search and social media deliver only 10% and 5% respectively. The reason behind this discrepancy lies within the customer mindset of the traffic from these sources. Why So? Organic traffic tends to be much more effective due to the simple fact that people prefer search engines at every end of their purchase journey, starting from investigation on a particular product to finally making the purchase. Social, on the other hand, is much more suited for connecting with people and promoting brand image even before the people decide whether they need the product. Hence, the relatively small share of social media in traffic is quite justified. While paid search offers webmasters the opportunity to have their webpages placed even above the worthy organic search results, they never tend to convert as well as the organic results due to the simple fact that users don’t trust the ads. While Google is putting in more and more effort to make the ads and organic results to look the same, an increasing number of users are getting to know that the paid results are inferior to the organic results. The Best Way to Go Webmasters need to perceive the significance of organic search and realize that users will always favor organic SERPs (search engine results pages) over social and paid SERPs. Social media exposure can be used more effectively when it is used to promote brand awareness rather than selling. Paid search is best used when it is in addition to SEO. When traffic starts flowing into the site, and popularity and reputation builds up, it is an indication to the search engines that the site is worth ranking. It is true that unique website content, effective content marketing, and good user experiencearen’tenough to land yourwebpages in the SERPs these days. But they are definitely the right way to go. Without these, it is almostguaranteedthat you will have poorconversion rates. Unique content andengaging articles will only catapult the speed of natural linking to the site, and as most SEOs agree, linking is half of the SEO game. Bundle that with the essentials on page optimization and ranking factors like user acceptance and regular content updates, then you’re already far ahead of 90% of those webmasters out there who just resort to paid search and social media advertising when they just can’t rank their sites. If you want to rank in Google, you must deserve to be ranked in Google.

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Herodotus, the Greek Historian

Herodotus, the Greek Historian Herodotus is known as  the father of history. We may think all the famous ancient Greeks came from Athens, but its not true. Like many important ancient Greeks, Herodotus was not only not born in Athens but wasnt even born in what we think of as Europe. He was born in the essentially Dorian (Hellenic or Greek, yes; but not Ionian) colony of Halicarnassus, on the southwest coast of Asia Minor, which at the time was part of the Persian Empire. Herodotus had not yet been born when Athens defeated Persia in the renowned Battle of Marathon (490 B.C.) and was only a young child when the Persians defeated the Spartans and allies at the Battle of Thermopylae (480 B.C.).​ Herodotus Homeland Lyxes, the father of Herodotus, was probably from Caria, in Asia Minor. So was Artemisia, the female despot of Halicarnassus who joined Xerxes in his expedition against Greece in the Persian Wars. Following victories over the Persians by the mainland Greeks, Halicarnassus rebelled against foreign rulers. In consequence of his part in rebellious actions, Herodotus was sent into exile to the Ionian island of Samos (homeland of Pythagoras), but then returned to Halicarnassus around 454 to take part in the overthrow of Artemisias son, Lygdamis. Herodotus of Thurii Herodotus calls himself Herodotus of Thurii rather than Halicarnassus because he was a citizen of the pan-Hellenic city of Thurii, which was founded in 444/3. One of his fellow colonists was the philosopher, Pythagoras of Samos, probably. Herodotus Travels the Known World Between the time of the overthrow of Artemisias son Lygdamis and Herodotus settling in Thurii, Herodotus traveled around most of the known world.  Herodotus traveled to learn about foreign countries. He traveled to have a look, the Greek word for looking is related to our English word theory. He also lived in Athens, spending time in the company of his friend, the renowned writer of great Greek tragedy Sophocles. The Athenians so appreciated Herodotus writing that in 445 B.C. he awarded him 10 talents- an enormous sum. The Father of History Despite major shortcomings in the area of accuracy, Herodotus is called the father of history even by his contemporaries. Sometimes, however, more accuracy-minded people describe him as the father of lies. In China, another man earned the father of history title, but he was centuries later: Sima Qian. Herodotus Histories Herodotus Histories, celebrating the Greek victory over the Persians, were written in the mid-fifth century B.C. Herodotus wanted to present as much information about the Persian War as he could. What sometimes reads like a travelogue, includes information on the entire Persian Empire, and simultaneously explains the origins (aitia) of the conflict, by reference to mythological prehistory. Even with the fascinating digressions and fantastic elements, Herodotus history was an advance over the previous writers of quasi-history, who are known as logographers.Sources East Is East And West Is West - Or Are They? National Stereotypes In HerodotusAncient History Sourcebook: 11th Brittanica: HerodotusCicero  De legibus 1.5: Herodotum patrem historiae

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How to Convert Celsius to Kelvin

How to Convert Celsius to Kelvin Celsius and Kelvin are the two most important temperature scales for scientific measurements. Fortunately, its easy to convert between them because the two scales have the same size degree.  All that is needed to convert Celsius to Kelvin is one simple step. (Note its Celsius, not Celcius, a common mis-spelling.) Celsius To Kelvin Conversion Formula Take your Celsius temperature and add 273.15. K  °C 273.15Your answer will be in Kelvin. Remember, the Kelvin temperature scale does not use the degree ( °) symbol. The reason is because Kelvin is an absolute scale, based on absolute zero, while the zero on the Celsius scale is based on the properties of water. Also, measurements given in Kelvin will always be larger numbers than in Celsius. Celsius To Kelvin Conversion Examples For example, if you want to know what 20 °C is in Kelvin: K 20 273.15   293.15 K If you want to know what -25.7 °C is in Kelvin: K -25.7 273.15, which may be rewritten as: K 273.15 - 25.7 247.45 K More Temperature Conversion Examples Its just as easy to convert Kelvin into Celsius. Another important temperature scale is the Fahrenheit scale. If you use this scale, you should be familiar with how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit and Kelvin to Fahrenheit.

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Design patterns Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Design patterns - Research Paper Example The observer design pattern highlights a one-to-many reliance between a subject object and any amount of server objects. This is significant when the subject object alters situation, all its observer objects will not be updated and notified instinctively (Butler, 2012). The observer design pattern is also used when the subject object is not aware of the number of observer objects present. Finally, it is used if the subject object is required to inform its observer objects without being aware of the nature of the objects. Advantages First, the observer pattern is a terrific way of maintaining action based applications in significant architectures. In a given application, an individual may have a large number of events taking place at the same time in a browser session. Second, a person may reduce event attachment and enable the observable object to deal with the actions on your behalf using a sole event listener and pass on the information to different subscribers, thus lessening spee ding up connection and memory performance. Third, the dynamic link between observer and subject may be instituted at run time. This provides extra programming flexibility. Fourth, there is support for broad communication. The notice is transmitted involuntarily to the interested objects that may subscribe to it (Madsen, 2012). Disadvantages One, there is a lot of cost incurred in load time when installing the observable objects. Two, there are unanticipated updates. Observers are not aware of one another and are oblivious to the cost of alteration in subject. Three, the update dependence may be difficult to discover due to the dynamic association between observers and subject (Madsen, 2012). Creational Pattern: Prototype Creational design patterns refer to design patterns that handle object creation mechanisms, attempting to develop objects in a way fitting to the situation. The prototype design pattern identifies the form of object to develop utilizing a prototypical instance, and develops novel objects through cloning the prototype. The prototype design pattern is used to elude the intrinsic cost of developing a novel object in the conventional way when it is prohibitively costly for a specified application (Chandler & Munday, 2012). In addition, the prototype design pattern is utilized to avert subclasses of an object designer in the application of the client, in the same way as the abstract factory pattern. Advantages One, the prototype design pattern establishes a profound copy of the complicated hierarchy of objects. The prototype design pattern assists in lessening the work given all objects in the composition can enforce ICloneable interface. This is an essential design pattern in copying objects, for example, trees. Two, the design pattern causes a decreased load of initialization. All novel objects developed using the clone technique highlights the precise object form of the initial object (Proctor, 2011). The need of initialization may be tremendous ly lessened by utilizing the prototype design pattern. It allows an individual to develop a clone of the original object developed in the application to readily have the objects initialized to the default or non-default state. Three, the design pattern causes a simplified process of copying objects. Since copying the object is conducted recursively by calling the clone tech